About Opal

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Opal was born from a love of vintage goodies, and the process of finding them. I get my kicks by going out and searching for the perfect find. Instead of ending up on an episode of Hoarders, or with a husband who questions my sanity, I decided to turn my love of hunting for treasures into Opal - named after my daughters birthstone - an online shop where you can buy the wonderfully unique items I find.

I have soft spots for baby clothes, kitschy home decor, bakeware, milk glass and womens accessories such as belts and boots. I love taking something that someone tossed aside and turning it into something gorgeous and one of a kind. You will occasionally see redesigned pieces in the shop that I have painted, put new hardware on, etc. These have extra love packed in.

Not everything in the store is vintage, but it is all pre-owned. All clothing items or linens are washed and ready to use when you receive them. I only place items in the shop that are in great condition and if by any chance something is blemished, I will always let you know in the description. At any time if you'd like to see photos of blemishes, please feel free to email me before purchasing and I'd be happy to send them your way. Same with any questions on any item - just shoot me an email! opalvintage@gmail.com

I really hope you find something you love at Opal.